Customize notifications for the Mail application

We have all gone in the subway or on the bus and we have seen the main screen of the iPhone of a travel companion with a near-infinite number in the red bubble of the mail application. There may also be the occasion that you directly meet someone who has so many emails thanks to an old account that he once set up and has not reopened. In that case, you can help him remove that annoying bubble of infinite number.

it's possible customize notifications for different email accounts that we have configured in the iOS Mail app and thus be able to see only bubbles in the application of those emails that really are important and we want to have notification.

To do this, we will have to go to Settings and there to the tab of Notifications from our iPhone or iPad. Once there, we will simply look for the Mail application and we will see that each of the configured accounts has different notifications. To remove all those emails from the account that we do not need, simply deactivate all the notifications that have been activated in that account. This will not delete the account, which will continue to work normally, but will only show you new email notifications once you are inside the application, thus avoiding the annoying pseudo-infinite number.

If you also want to save a little battery by not receiving all the emails from that unused account all the time, you can go to Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars and configure so that the account is only updated manually and not with PUSH notifications.

In this way, we will not have an annoying huge bubble over our iOS mail application and you can also give a joy to acquaintances who do not know how to remove it and are wanting it.

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