Did you miss the keynote? Here is a 12 minute summary

As usual in recent years, the duration of the keynote is usually two hours long. In most cases, it is because the company usually repeats announced previously, it shows us videos of the new functions, demonstrations of games or applications … but if we stop to separate the important, the event is greatly reduced. The boys of 9to5Mac has created a video summary in which they show us the most important of the event, a summary of only 12 minutes, so you missed it and you are lazy to lose two hours of your time, this video is the what were you looking for.

In the keynote presentation in which Apple began showing some images of the interior of the Steve Jobs Teather where the event was held, he continued with a few words from Tim Cook explaining the reason why they had named the new event center. Angela Ahredts then talked about the new Apple Stores and shortly after the device renewal cycle began, starting with Apple Watch, followed by Apple TV 4k, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and ending with iPhone X.

During the provision of each of the devices, Apple intercalated a large number of videos in which we could see what news these new models offer us. Special attention was also paid to virtual reality and the options offered by the new iPhone models. Unlike previous keynote, it must be recognized that it was not as tiring as previous ones and that there was no constant dripping of news as it happened in the WWDC that was held last June in which Apple presented all the news of the new operating systems that are about to reach users in their final version.

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