Disney does not offer its movies in 4k through iTunes

During the presentation of the new iPhone models, the boys of Cupertino took advantage of the event to present the fifth generation of Apple TV, an Apple TV baptized with the last name 4k, to distinguish it from the 4th generation model that is still for sale, with a sad reduction of 20 euros only.

In the section that Apple dedicated to presenting this device, one of the slides showed us the great studios that will offer their films through iTunes in 4k quality: 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros and Universal Pictures. But we didn't find Disney, the other big Hollywood anywhere.

As we can read in The Wall Street Journal, one of the first media that realized the lack of Disney in this listing:

The only absence on the list of major Apple studios that sell UHD movies is Disney. It was not immediately clear why the company behind Star Wars and Marvel could not reach an agreement with Apple. He currently sells his movies in 4K at other digital stores, such as Vudu from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. for $ 24.99.

Disney's absence is particularly notable given the long and close relationship between the two companies. Robert Iger, CEO of Disney, is on the board of directors of Apple and Disney was the first studio that sold TV shows and movies on iTunes.

A few weeks ago we informed you of the negotiations that Apple was carrying out in recent months with the great Hollywood studios to offer the same content that they currently offer in 4k quality for the same price as in HD quality, something to which the great Studies did not agree, since they wanted the price to be higher, between $ 25 and $ 30. But as we could see, the price will be the same as in HD quality. In addition, all previously purchased movies in that quality can be viewed in 4k quality completely free of charge at no cost to the customer.

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