DJI launches OSMO MOBILE 2, its new improved gimbal at a lower price

The world of accessories for iOS devices It goes from a simple screen protector (with all the complexities it can also have), batteries to achieve greater autonomy, external lenses that improve the quality of the cameras, or even gimbals that allow stabilized movements when recording a video. Accessories that have meant a new market due to all the possibilities offered by these iOS devices.

And precisely today we want to focus on the world of gimbals, devices that for those who do not know are stabilizers for automatic cameras, to gross mode: a selfie stick with motors on top that will make your videos come out stabilized. DJI It is one of the manufacturers that is creating more audiovisual accessories, and now they bring us the renewal of their most famous gimbal: the DJI OSMO MOBILE 2, an improved gimbal that even drops in price. After the jump we give you all the details …

The most important thing (in the absence of confirmation of the price in euros): the price falls to 129 dollars, a fairly competitive price, especially considering that the previous model managed to reach more than 300 dollars (with its equivalent in euros). It must be said that although this new OSMO MOBILE 2 retains all three stabilizers from his predecessor, in this case DJI has decided to build the gimbal in nylon instead of the metal of the previous version.

The back button has disappeared, the Power button has been replaced by a new button on the front of the gimbal (before it was on the side), and the capture and recording button have been combined into a single button. Buttons that have been simplified but have added a new zoom button on the side so we have more zoom control during our recordings. It will be sold exclusively in the Apple Store until February that will be when it begins to be marketed through other sellers.

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