Do you want to get the AirPods before Christmas? Get them on Ebay for more than 1000

Yes, AirPods will arrive before Christmas. Apple surprised us today by selling the new AirPods next December 20, 5 days before Christmas day, key day for shopping of the year. And probably many of you expected this news as May water … Some AirPods that were expected since October, the month Apple announced as a launch during the last Keynote, but surprisingly they had to wait until December to put it on sale . You already know that it is never too late if happiness is good …

Just don't be so happy … Apple set December 20 as the delivery day for purchases through the Apple Store online, will also be available in physical Apple Stores and in many other technology stores (including Apple Resellers), but we already tell you that high demand is expected and it is very likely to be a difficult gift to give. And is that if you now enter the Apple Store online to buy one of these new AirPods, you will find a delivery date of more than 4 weeks, nothing to get them before Christmas … There are "other" alternatives, you can always go through Ebay to get them for nothing more and nothing less than more than € 1000….

Yes, what you see in the image that heads the post is totally true, in fact if you are looking for AirPods on Ebay and organize it for the highest price, you will see how there are many options that reach € 1000, yes, they tell us they will send it to us before Christmas, and they give us the shipping …

And is that the AirPods are the perfect candidates to be the must have this Christmas, there is always an Apple device difficult to get at this time (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch …) and this year we already have the new candidate: the new AirPods … Good luck with the purchase, soon we will tell you all the details of the AirPods.

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