Easily transport your AirPods and your iPhone together with this case

Surely many of you, AirPods users, never forget the box in which we store and charge the Apple wireless headphones managed by the W1 chip. But it is more than likely that on occasion, especially if we do not use a backpack to transport it, along with the wallet, keys and others that we have lamented about the space they occupy in our pockets, especially in the hot season we are leaving, when we usually go out with the fair.

Part of the team that helped found Pebble seems to have had the same problem and created a new campaign in Kickstarter that offers us a case with battery that allows us to charge the iPhone or charge up to 40 times the AirPods, which can be stored in a compartment designed specifically to always carry them, without having to go with the box from here to there.

This case, called PodCase, has inside with a 2,500 mAh battery, but like most external cases with a cover, increase the thickness of the device significantly, along with the weight, since we also have to add that of the AirPods, which although it is not much, is adding. Another advantage that it offers us is that we do not have to take out the iPhone to answer calls, we can only remove an AirPods from the case to pick up and start the conversation.

The Podcase battery case is now available on Kickstarter to meet the needs of 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhone users. The case is charged through a USB-C connection. Presumably, after the launch of the iPhone 8, it will also take advantage of the pull and launch a battery case that allows carrying the AirPods, in addition to recharging them, for this model.

What do you think about this idea?

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