Eve Aqua and Eve Flare, the last of elgato for HomeKit

Elgato was one of the first brands to bet on HomeKit, Apple's demotic platform, launching almost a wide range of compatible products that ranged from temperature and humidity sensors up to smart plugs and radiator thermostats (which we analyze in this article). Continuing the commitment to the Apple platform has just presented two new accessories ideal for outdoor shows home: Eve Aqua and Eve Flare.

Eve Aqua is an irrigation controller smart that we can program from our smartphone, and Eve Flare an intelligent ball of light with a battery of up to 6 hours whose intensity and color we will also control from our devices. We give you the details below.

Elgato Eve Aqua has the aspect of irrigation controllers that we all have somewhere in the home, but with the advantage that we can do the programming from our smartphone, avoiding those tedious programmers that usually include these devices. In addition, when connecting to HomeKit we can start the risk of our plants through our voice, with the help of Siri, and we can know the water we have spent.

Elgato Eve Flare is another fantastic idea for exterior or interior. A luminous ball that will look good in any place at the same time that will give you a pleasant ambient light that you could regulate from your smartphone or tablet thanks to HomeKit or the Eve application of elgato. Its battery gives it an autonomy of 6 hours, and its water resistance makes it ideal for any place in the house, in or out of it. Charging is done wirelessly.

The price is for both devices is € 99, ​​and will go on sale on June 25, although it can already be booked from the elgato website. The connectivity of these devices is bluetooth, as usual with elgato Eve accessories, so they cannot be placed too far from our HomeKit accessory center, something to keep in mind.

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