Everything indicates that the iPhone will not receive 5G until 2020

While for the rest of the devices with Android OS it is expected that the new standard of 5G connectivity arrives from the first quarter of 2019 (in the MWC that is being held in Barcelona annually) for the iPhone this does not seem to arrive until 2020.

This is the news that Fast Company left us, in which it is said that Apple will be one of the last to join the deployment of this 5G. Obviously Apple does not confirm and does not deny this news as it has been doing forever, so it will be patient and see how much is true about it.

For now, the main problem would be the modem

And is that Apple has legal problems with Qualcomm and therefore will mount Intel modems on its next generations of iPhone, which means that they are not ready to use this technology today. It also seems that the Intel modem (which is the 8161) would have problems with heat dissipation and battery consumption, which makes the Cupertino company have to focus on it and then add the possibility of 5G connection.

Fast Company warns of this and while this is happening we already have on the table that large Apple competing companies such as Huawei or Samsung, they will have compatibility with these 5G networks for a few months. Xiaomi is another one that will have this connectivity and Apple has to find a solution to the problem so as not to be left behind in this, which means that it could even choose to mount MediaTek modems to solve the problem. We'll see what really happens with the passing of days, but this is another problem that adds up to the "fight" with Qualcomm.

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