Everything you need to know about 360 videos on your iPhone

360º videos are increasingly popular in many video sources. In addition, Apple is increasingly committed to Augmented Reality and such technologies, very closely related to 360º video and Virtual Reality. However, for many of you this is still a bit gray initiative because you don't know it thoroughly. That's what we want, show you everything you need to know about 360º videos on your iPhone.

So, do not miss this fantastic guide full of content, learn to record video in 360º, where to see this type of content and how make the most of it, because the iPhone and iPad are also compatible with 360º video.

The first thing is to know what the video is in 360º, it is definitely a technology that goes hand in hand with Virtual Reality. and is that if we manage to combine both viewing mechanism the result is quite spectacular, many of you have already tried it, but the truth is that Apple has not put too much of its part in this way (surprisingly), especially for virtual reality glasses or the promotion of this type of content through the iOS App Store for example.

The intention of 360 degree videos for Virtual Reality is to unify both technologies to have a complete and much more immersive experience. In this way we managed to promote more fun and innovative content, experimenting with what we are seeing. But nevertheless, 360º video is very useful, beyond the use of Virtual Reality glasses, since from our iPhone we will be able to interact with them directly from our screen, since Apple tends to introduce in its terminals the hardware requirements generally necessary for this, facilitating the task.

How to watch 360º videos on our iPhone

Apple currently has iOS devices powerful enough to watch 360º videos, as we have said before. For this we take advantage of applications such as YouTube and Facebook, two of the most compatible applications with 360º content in the market. Our iPhone has a gyroscope, the main sensor that makes the 360º experience a real pleasure, a fairly common sensor in smart mobile phones, although it may not be present on somewhat cheaper devices such as the low-end Android. That is why, we are not going to find any resistance to 360º content through our iPhone, whatever the model.

However, third-party browsers often have problems viewing 360º content, so we should generally use the applications. We cannot access 360º content through Twitter links, for example, so we recommend entering YouTube or the Facebook application, since the same browser application as usual in iOS, called Safari, usually poses many problems to watch 360º videos. Thus, the usual applications are the most recommended and the least problems are going to offer us, also taking full advantage of the iPhone hardware and all its graphic power.

Can Virtual Reality glasses be used on the iPhone?

Indeed, Virtual Reality glasses can be used on the iPhone as they could be used on any other device. For this, glasses that are known as passive Virtual Reality glasses are used, that is, all the technical work at the hardware and software level is done by the mobile device. Videos recorded in 360º can be used to watch videos in Virtual Reality if we configure them in the correct way. For this we will configure YouTube YouTube Virtual Reality mode, a button that appears at the bottom like the one that shows the image at the top. Once we have activated the Virtual Reality mode we just have to open the lid that the passive Virtual Reality glasses offer, where we will put the mobile phone and proceed to close it.

Once inside we can configure the lenses, and we can view the video. Thanks to the phone's gyroscope and Virtual Reality glasses lenses, we will feel like inside the video, because when we move our heads the video will move and we can see everything around us. It is that easy to configure the menu once we have introduced the iPhone into the glasses to enjoy virtual reality. When we move our heads, thanks to the gyroscope, we will be able to see the whole panorama.

Applications to watch videos in 360º from iPhone

There are many applications, but the main ones that we are going to offer you in Gadget News are the ones that assure us a minimum content quality:

  • Youtube: Inside the 360Video section on the side panel.
  • Facebook: It has numerous 360 videos.
  • In360Tube: Live the immersive experience of YouTube 360º videos on your iPhone or iPad in360Tube is a free player that allows you to play and interact with your 360º videos.
  • Mobile VR Station
  • VR Tube

But nevertheless, YouTube and Facebook are without a doubt the two main applications that will allow us to enjoy the most.

How to record video in 360º

We have several alternatives for record 360º video, and not all of them are necessarily going to force us to go to special accessories:

  • Unification of subjective cameras and subsequent video editing
  • Accessories for our mobile phone such as MUVI X-LAPSE from Veho
  • The best cameras to record 360º

And these are the best methods to record videos in 360º, as well as everything you need to know about this peculiar innovative technology. Once we have recorded our videos we can pass them to our Mac and transfer them to iPhone memory, however, the usual player will not be able to allow us to interact, so it would be ideal to upload it for example to a platform such as YouTube or Facebook that will render the video in 360º automatically, it is the mechanism that will pose less problems to configure our videos in 360º and it will offer us the most optimal result so that we can visualize it correctly and enjoy it.

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