Five things you can do with your Apple Watch and AirPods

Although they have been associated with the iPhone, AirPods are Bluetooth headphones that you can use with any Apple device, even with other brands. The magic that we talked about in our review makes these headphones ready for use with any iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac that is associated with our iCloud account, and with the Apple Watch they also gain functions that allow them to be squeezed even more than with the iPhone. We show you five things you can do with the AirPods and your Apple Watch.

Know the remaining battery level of the AirPods

There are different ways to know how much battery is left in our AirPods, as well as in its box that also serves as a charger. We have the Notification Center widget, also whenever we open the box with the AirPods inside, a window will appear on our iPhone with the charge levels of each headset and the box. But we can also visualize the battery level from the Apple Watch. To do this we have to deploy the Control Center, sliding from the bottom up, and click on the battery percentage of our Apple Watch. A screen will open in which we will see, in addition to the Apple Watch battery and the switch to activate the Battery Saving mode, the remaining battery of each AirPod individually.

Receive calls on AirPods

It was something we missed when we were wearing Bluetooth headphones and receiving a call. Our Apple Watch allowed us to accept the call by pressing on the green button but the call was received directly on the watch, not on the headphones, and we had to transfer it to the headphones afterwards if we wanted to. With Apple AirPods, you can directly receive the call on the headphones, which make hands-free. Upon receiving a call, whenever the AirPods are being used, a button different from the usual one will appear, with an AirPod in green, and when pressed the call will be transferred directly to our headphones.

Control playback

AirPods lack physical controls, and Apple currently forces us to use Siri if we want to choose what we want to hear, move forward, backward, or even pause playback. This changes with the Apple Watch, since the “Now Sounds” application that comes pre-installed on the watch allows us to control any content we are listening to. With our headphones. Not only the music of Apple Music, also that of Spotify or any application that is not optimized for Apple Watch can be controlled through this application, including podcasts.

Control volume

Like reproduction, Siri is the only way to control the volume of what we hear. The “Now sounds” application will also allow you to control this function from your Apple Watch With the buttons that appear just below the playback controls, and as before, you can do it with any application, not only with those that are adapted to watchOS 3, they will not even have to be compatible with the Apple Watch.

Listen to music from your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch and your AirPods are all you need to be able to listen to music, forgetting to have to carry your iPhone on top. If you are going to run or just want to forget everything and relax without anything or anyone bothering you, you can do it thanks to the 8GB of internal storage that Apple Watch has and the possibility offered by Apple Music to store a music list inside your watch. Selecting as source your Apple Watch from the Music application of your watch and with the AirPods placed in your ears you can choose the songs you want to listen to.

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