Flir One Pro turns our iPhone into devices capable of offering thermal images

Since Apple launched the lightning port, there have been many manufacturers that have begun to provide this device, thanks to the large number of advantages it offers compared to the 30-pin connection, which greatly limited its functions. Currently we can find cameras, microphones, sensors, and more products that take advantage of this type of connection to add features of the iPhone that does not natively offer us.

The last device that especially attracts attention by taking advantage of this connectivity is the Flir One Pro, a device that integrates two cameras with which we can turn our iPhone into a device capable of offering thermal images. This accessory will allow us to see through the walls and identify heat signals, check which are the pipes that transport hot water in case we suffer a breakdown at home

It is clear that, unless we are technology lovers and that we are also handyman at home or we dedicate ourselves professionally to repairs, it is unlikely that we will get this accessory. As we can see in the excellent review made by the boys of 9to5Mac, specifically Jeff Benjamin, we can see not only the operation of this device, but also all the possibilities offered by the application with which we can manage it.

This device it allows us to see the heat that the objects of our environment give off, be they living beings, people, pets or inanimate objects like furniture, appliances, pipes, walls. Every object in our environment has a corresponding heat signature. The Flir One application shows us the heat signatures using a customizable and simple color palette, showing the coldest temperatures in blue and purple, while the warmest ones are represented by oranges and reds. The Flir One Pro is priced at $ 350 and at the moment it is only available through Amazon in the United States.

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