FreedomPop expands the offer of 2GB and unlimited calls totally free

We have already spoken on more than one occasion of FreedomPop, the telephone company that has a free, yes, free offer, which allows you to browse and call without spending a single penny. But nevertheless, The most striking of the offers it has had for a while is the one that gives us 2GB of mobile data and free international calls for just buying the SIM card, in addition to the expired one that allowed us to enjoy double the data that we were offered until now. Well, as confirmed from FreedomPop, this offer will be extended again during 2017, and you should know if you want to save on your mobile rate.

This is how the plans will stay when FreedomPop's “2X” offer is activated again which you can access from THIS LINK.

  • Free Rate: 400 MB, 100 minutes and 300 SMS
  • Premium 1 GB Rate – 4.99 euros per month: 1 GB, 200 minutes, 500 SMS
  • Premium 2 GB Rate – 8.99 euros per month: 4 GB, unlimited minutes and SMS
  • 5 GB Premium Rate – 15.99 euros per month: 10 GB, unlimited minutes and SMS
  • Premium 10 GB rate – 28.99 euros per month: 10 GB, unlimited minutes and SMS

But this is not all, we want to remind you that if you buy a FreedomPop SIM card in THIS LINK you can take advantage A 2GB offer of Premium data with unlimited calls and messages, without international pricing. We have once tried this service that is undoubtedly very interesting as a second line, in addition the best option is to acquire it from the hand of the FreedomPop V7, the low-end device that they launched for only € 59 and that unfortunately sold out in a way snapshot.

But nevertheless, it's true that FreedomPop doesn't have high-speed data coverage, nor is it considered as the best offer when it comes to working as a main line in the field of rural coverage, especially if you use the telephone professionally, but as a second line or To earn extra MBs is a great option.

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