Gift Guide for Apple Users

Christmas is a perfect time to get all those accessories that you were longing for but that you did not dare to buy. Writing the letter to the Magi or Santa Claus can be very useful at this time to expand your collection of straps for your Apple Watch, a charging base for your iPhone and iPad or a special case for your iPhone. Here are some ideas that can be ideal to give to your friends or family, or even for yourself, and there are also all prices.

IPhone cases

Protection, design, minimum thickness, to carry credit cards … the options that exist to buy a case for our iPhone are innumerable. Our favorites are as follows.

Spigen is always synonymous with quality at a more than acceptable price. It has covers of all kinds, some are authentic bomb-proof protections, and others are much less apparent but without giving up good resistance to external aggressions. My favorite case is precisely the “Liquid Crystal” model totally transparent, flexible and with total protection, even from the edges. It allows you to show off the design and color of your iPhone without giving up protection against scratches and falls, and it has a very tempting price, only € 6.99 at Amazon. It is available for several iPhone models and in various finishes.

RhinoShield is another brand that guarantees maximum protection for your iPhone, and cIt has some bumpers that without breaking the design of your smartphone too give maximum protection against falls, as we show you in this article. These are protectors that only cover the profile of the device, completely exposing its front and back, allowing you to enjoy the color of the device. Also as they stand out there will be no problems to place it on any surface without scratching your Jet Black. Available in various models and colors on Amazon for only € 24.99.

Charging bases

Charging base HiRise 2 from Twelve South maintains the versatility of the original model but improves materials, with more curved finishes that more closely resemble current iPhone models, and also allows use with all iPad models up to 9.7 inches and with your Siri Remote. Available on Amazon for € 47.44. We did the review in this article.

TimePorter is an atypical charging base for Apple Watch, since Not only does it allow you to recharge your battery but you can also transport the charger, charging cable and some straps inside. Ideal to take on trips is a perfect gift for those who have the Apple watch. Available on Amazon for € 54.99 in white and black. If you want to know more our review is in this article.

You just want a charging base for your Apple Watch, which is cheap and also compatible with the bedside mode? Well, your perfect gift then is this Spigen base, which dispenses with all the accessories. Practical, simple and cheap, you have it available on Amazon for € 15.99.

For those who have several devices at home and do not know where to place them to charge at night Avantree offers the perfect solution. A charging base compatible with any device, since you put the cables, and in addition to being able to charge up to four simultaneously It helps you organize everything so that in one place you have everything well placed. Its price is also very good, only € 34.99 on Amazon.

Straps for Apple Watch

The straps for the Apple Watch are a pure vice, and although Apple has several models its price is really high. There are many brands that sell copies of the original belts, but MoKo is one of the most trusted offers with products that although they may not reach the same level of quality that the originals meet with medium levels and also with a much lower price. It is the case of the Milanese strap that is available in several colors and for the two sizes of Apple Watch, available on Amazon for only € 15.99.

If you prefer sports straps then you don't have to go far either, because the same brand MoKo offers you a wide range of silicone straps in every color you can imagine, even some prints, and for both sizes of watches. Do not give up changing daily belt for only € 9.99 on Amazon.

The best accessories for your iPhone

Are you looking for a new case for your iPhone? An accessory for the Apple Watch? Maybe a Bluetooth speaker? Do not miss these offers on accessories and get the most out of Apple's mobile: