Google Cardboard, the virtual reality application is launched for iPhone

Google today has launched its Cardboard application that is now available for iPhone and iPad users after having previously been an exclusive application for the Android platform. Google Cardboard allows users to take 3D photos, mainly panoramic, and then share them with friends. Google calls these images, virtual reality photos, as it can be viewed by anyone who uses a virtual reality device compatible with smartphones.

Together with iOS compatibility, the aforementioned ability to Sharing virtual reality photos with friends is a new addition to the application, even on Android, the image is available through an exchange link created by the application, ready to be sent to the recipient.

The newly launched Google Cardboard application should not be confused with another iOS application. Google Cardboard, allows users to view virtual reality content and the like, and many images shared by other users are seen in a realistic way.

According to the App Store description of the application, you can look around to explore the image in all directions, and even hear the sound while taking the picture to hear the moment exactly as it happened. To capture a virtual reality photo, keep the phone upright, press record below, and start turning around as if you were taking a panorama.

Google's obsession with virtual reality has extended to its original equipment manufacturers such as Samsung and LG, but Apple has so far refused to enter this market. That says, however, that the iPhone 7 Plus dual lens camera system could be a big problem for creating virtual reality content, so who knows what Apple has in mind for the future.

The Google Cardboard application can be download from the App Store for free, and requires iOS 8 or higher.

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