Google Photos allow us to edit the bokeh effect of our photographs

Virtually since its launch, Google Photos has become one of the applications that many users have installed to be able to always have a copy of all your photographs at hand in case something happens to the terminal. The but Google Photos, is that it optimizes the size of the photographs so that they occupy less if we want unlimited storage, something that with iCloud logically does not happen to be a paid service.

As the years have passed, Google Photos has increased the number of functions that it makes available to all users. The last one you just announced will allow us edit blur photos that we have previously taken with our terminal, a function that today, only allows Apple on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in addition to the iPad Pro 2018.

Since the search giant launched the first Pixel, Google has been improving considerably the operation of the software that processes all the captures made by its terminals. It should be remembered that the Pixel are still one of the few terminals that today, continue to mount a single camera, instead two or more like some Android manufacturers, to be able to offer the bokeh effect but that It offers us excellent results.

Color Pop, is another feature that will also be available shortly through Google Photos. Color Pop will handle keep the subject with the original color while the background will become black and white.

The company has not announced if this new feature will arrive in the form of an update internal application, something quite common lately, or will do so through an application update. In any case, it would not hurt more than once in a while to take a look at the application to see if we have this function already available, in addition to checking the updates of apps.


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