GreenIQ smart garden station, control irrigation with your iPhone

Having a beautiful and well-kept garden is an odyssey, not only for the work it requires but for the headaches it causes us. Although having an automated irrigation system today is quite widespread as soon as there are more than a few pots to irrigate, the vast majority are limited to establishing schedules and a few days of irrigation and comply with them, regardless of weather conditions nor other factors that can influence that we are watering our garden more or less.

This is where the new intelligent irrigation systems come into play, much more advanced and that thanks to their internet connectivity collect all kinds of information to adjust the irrigation of your garden to what you need, and also with the possibility of configuring everything and Control it from our iPhone. Within this category GreenIQ is the reference with years of experience in this field, and its new Smart Garden Station (3rd Gen.) offers us everything we need not only to control irrigation but even lighting. We explain in detail how it works.


It is a risk control for gardens that can control from 8 to 16 different irrigation areas, depending on the model you buy. It does not have any type of control in the device itself, only a central light that shows that everything is working correctly and that the internet connection is adequate. Being connected to your network allows not only to collect all the weather information you need to adjust the irrigation, but you can also control it from your iPhone, iPad or from your Mac by accessing its web application.

You can add a large number of sensors, both soil moisture and rain, fertilizer pumps, water flow sensors, even You can connect to Netatmo stations to collect real-time information about your area. Amazon Echo, Google Home, IFTTT and many other services are compatible, although for the moment HomeKit is not in the list. GreenIQ assures us that it is in their plans to become compatible with the Apple platform, but there is no planned date yet.

The control center is water resistant, although if we want it to be fully protected, they recommend placing it inside a protective box, which will soon be available. However, if you place it in an area where it is safe from direct sunlight and rain, as is my case, you should not have the slightest problem. Another aspect to take into account for its placement is WiFi coverage since it has wireless connectivity compatible with WiFi networks b / g / n.

Very simple installation

If you already have an automatic irrigation system, replacing it with this GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub is very simple. You just have to first look at which cable corresponds to which irrigation zone (they are identified with numbers) and place them in the same way in the new device. A cable with the transformer connected to the mains will be the next step, and everything will be ready for you to start using it. In my case I only have three irrigation zones (blue, black and brown wires) and the common wire (yellow-green).

Once connected we can proceed to configure the device to associate it with our account and connect it to our WiFi network. Here we lose the simplicity of the configuration through HomeKit, but it is not a serious problem either. We must first connect to the network generated by the device itself and then connect it to our home network. An important detail is that everything is translated into Spanish in its application, which makes the task much easier. Following the steps that the application itself indicates will be a procedure that will only take a couple of minutes. So that it does not happen to you like me, before fixing the device to the wall, carry out the configuration process, because you will have to scan the QR code that appears on the back.

Establishing irrigation programs

Here you can forget about the tedious programming processes of conventional risk controllers. An application with a very intuitive interface will allow you to establish up to 4 irrigation programs for each zone (up to 16), and you can configure them to be activated at certain times, during the days you want or set a "every x days" pattern. As we say the application interface is very careful, translated into Spanish and it is very easy to create your programs. You can even add a photograph to identify each irrigation zone, and change the name of each zone. Of course you can configure to be notified every time the irrigation is activated and ends, and even if there is a power failure.

But it is precisely in how the application manages the irrigation times in which lies the main virtue of this application. Because if it were limited to complying with your guidelines, there would not be much difference compared to a conventional programmer, only you can handle it from your iPhone. But GreenIQ intelligently manages the irrigation times depending on the weather conditions in your area, it can even suspend an irrigation if it detects that it is not necessary because it has rained. Rain, wind and a concept like “evapotranspiration” are calculated by GreenIQ and will allow you to save up to 50% on your water consumption, something to take into account and that can amortize the investment in a short time. In my case, and according to the application, I have managed to save 33% in the month that I have been using the GreenIQ Smart Garden Station, and it has been during the summer, which is when you can least save.

Lots of information and very well detailed

The irrigation station will not need further intervention on your part once everything is properly configured, unless for some unknown reason you want to establish completely manual controls. But something that has been really interesting to me during this month of use has been reading from time to time the reports that the application offers about each of the irrigation zones and in a global way. These reports can be viewed from the application whenever you want, always updated in real time, and you can have them sent to you by email.

You learn a lot by reading these reports and above all you realize the amount of water wasted by over watering your garden. It has been one of the hottest months I remember in Granada, in southern Spain, and having established the recommended irrigation for my garden, having managed to save 33% of water I think it's a wonderful wonder. You can see what percentage of irrigation has saved at any time by program and season. Only one small catch: the reports are in English.

Editor's Opinion

The GreenIQ Smart Garden Station offers a control system for your automatic irrigation system that combines the benefits of conventional controls, with the possibility of controlling up to 16 different areas, including lighting in your garden, adding the enormous possibilities that They offer internet connection knowing the weather conditions in your area and adjusting the irrigation to them so as not to waste water. The possibility of adding sensors and integration with systems such as IFTTT, Netatmo or Amazon are an extra that I have not been able to verify, but without a doubt the tranquility offered by receiving notifications that the irrigation of your garden works correctly and save up to 50% in water consumption I find points in his favor so unquestionable that I can only recommend his purchase yes or yes. At the moment it is only available at the following distributor that you can call for more information and purchase.

  • Editor rating
  • 5 star rating


  • Simple and water resistant design
  • Simple installation
  • Application translated into Spanish
  • Automatically collect weather information
  • Compatible with other brands sensors to collect information
  • Full reports with water saved


  • Absence of controls on the device itself
  • Not yet compatible with HomeKit (plans without a specific date)

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