Habemus Paella Emoji! Your next arrival is confirmed

On April 10, iPhone News informed you that the Emoji that would arrive on iOS 10 had already been approved. Today that information is again news, but for one of them: Unicode has confirmed to the rice brand La Fallera that has included the Paella Emoji in the list of approved icons in Unicode 9, something they are celebrating from Twitter and that has appeared in the national news.

And it has been a long time that the #PaellaEmoji campaign was also launched on Twitter in which it was requested that an Emoji be included to represent the most international Valencian dish. But, logically, the paella will not be the only Emoji that they will include: as we already explained in its day, Unicode 9 will arrive with a total of 72 new icons, among which I would highlight the hand on the face known as "Facepalm", the elongated nose as a liar, the male dancer or had he already named Paella Emoji?

Paella Emoji will be a reality this year

#HabemusPaellaEmoji Thank you all for joining #comboi and making it a reality

What remains to be seen, as for the Emoji what this post is about, is what the paella will be like Unicode 9. I remember Karlos Arguiñano saying that “A paella is everything that is done in the paella“That is, a paella is anything that is done in the pan in which a paella is cooked. As a Valencian, I can't disagree more with Arguiñano, because if I make a pizza in the paella, can I make a ham and cheese paella? DO NOT!

Paella Emoji will be a reality from this summer, when Apple and Google present iOS 10 and Android N respectively. At that time we can already say with property ¡Habemus Paella Emoji!

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