HomeScan helps you check the reach of your HomeKit devices

Sometimes the simplest things are those that help us avoid the biggest headaches, and HomeScan is one of them. Anyone who has HomeKit accessories in their home will have realized that the distance to the central unit is a fundamental element that can make everything go smoothly or nothing works as it should.

HomeScan arrives to help you see what the problem is and thus be able to find the best possible solution. With this simple application you can see the Bluetooth signal you receive from your HomeKit accessories in the position in which you are, knowing if it is a good signal for everything to work correctly or if on the contrary you must bring it closer to the central.

When we talk about HomeKit accessories we are talking about a standard protocol but that does not mean that they all work the same way. All devices must be connected to the HomeKit control panel (an Apple TV, an iPad or a HomePod) but the way to do it varies depending on the brand. Koogeek opts for the WiFi connection, more stable and without problems of range but not suitable for devices that work on batteries. Philips uses its own protocol that is going very well but that needs you to add bridges to connect to the HomeKit control panel, and other brands use Bluetooth, such as elgato, which is great for very low consumption on devices that run on batteries, but have a limited range.

HomeScan for HomeKit

Sunya Limited

€ 1.09

It is precisely with the devices with Bluetooth connection that HomeScan makes sense. As we say, this low consumption connection is ideal, but has a limited range. How do I know if my temperature sensor or door opening sensor reaches the control panel? I just have to place it in the desired location and place myself next to the control panel, open the app and see the signal I receive from this accessory. If it is very weak, I should consider recognizing the accessory or the control unit. As you see them with the name of HomeKit they are easily identifiable. I would say almost essential if you plan to purchase HomeKit accessories with Bluetooth.

The application has very few options, because there really isn't much to configure. You can only filter the devices that show you so you can see them all or only those added to HomeKit. Essential for those who are entering the world of home automation and HomeKit.

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