How stickers work in iOS 10 Messages: installation and use

One of the star novelties of iOS 10 is the new application Messages. Not happy with the big update that came with iOS 9, the new iMessage has taken a giant step to convince us to use the default iOS messaging application, something that I personally think they have done with me and with many of my contacts , adding features that were not available in the rest of the most popular messaging applications.

What there was already in other applications are the stickers or stickers The stickers are like emoticons, or rather as bottomless PNG images that show all kinds of drawings. Messages from iOS 10 you can add these stickers and for this you have your own App Store, more or less, which is accessed from the same iMessage. In this post we will explain how to install, use and manage stickers.

How to install stickers in Messages

Installing stickers in iMessage is very simple. Simply perform the following steps:

  1. We start a chat. We can do it with ourselves if we want to try without disturbing anyone.
  2. We touch on the App Store icon.
  3. We touch on the four points in the lower left.
  4. Now we play on “Store”. From here we will enter the App Store Messages.
  5. To add the stickers just choose a package and tap on Get.

From the Manage tab We can activate or deactivate (do not delete) the packages that we have installed. On the other hand, we can also leave the option activated Add applications automatically, which I think is recommended because there are some, such as Solar Walk 2, which includes questions and perhaps we would not have known that it was compatible with Messages if we had not activated this option.

Resizing and adding stickers to other photos

The best thing about the Messages stickers is that you can add to other photos, including animated GIFs. Doing so is very simple:

  1. We touch and keep on the sticker that we want to add to an existing image.
  2. With a second finger, we make the gesture of pinching or separating fingers to make smaller or enlarge of the sticker.
  3. We drag the sticker to whatever is already in the chat, like another photo. In the following image I have put a glass of water on top of an animated Stitch GIF.

How to remove sent stickers

If we have added a sticker that doesn't end up liking how it looks, always we can eliminate it. We will do it by following these steps:

  1. Press and keep on the sticker we want to remove. Eye: if we press harder on an iPhone 6s or later, what we will do is display the sticker (Peek gesture), but the options that interest us will not appear.
  2. We play in Sticker Details.
  3. If we play in Watch It will take us to the iMessage App Store, but that is not what interests us. What we have to do to remove the sticker is to swipe left and tap Remove. The View option will help us to install a package of stickers that we have received by iMessage.

What we cannot eliminate in this way will be the stickers that we have added to our Messages. If we want to eliminate them we will only have to press and hold on their icon – from where they all appear once touched on the App Store icon – and then touch on the "X" in the same way that we would remove an app from the Springboard.

The new iOS 10 Messages app is fine, I won't get tired of saying it. The bad thing, although understandable, is that Apple has not made it compatible with Android devices. Nor can they be used on devices with iOS 9 and earlier or on OS X (We remember from the next version it will be called macOS), at least with full compatibility. The stickers have appeared in OS X 10.11.6 but, for example, the Stitch does not appear with the glass of water and in other stickers the animations do not appear the animations work. What is not compatible with previous versions is the invisible ink, the sending of messages with some force and the funds of the chats.

What do you think of the new iOS 10 Messages option?

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