How to block apps with Screen Time on iOS 12

We continue with the novelties that iOS 12 poses, the new operating system of the Cupertino company that is currently in beta. One of the most relevant news that it includes is the mode Screen Time which will let us know how much time we spend using certain applications and especially adjust time limits for phone use.

Let's take a look at the function Screen Time on iOS 12 and we will show you how to block the use of applications thanks to this innovative configuration that Apple has included in iOS 12, stay with us and you can easily discover it.

We will find this new functionality in the section of Settings in iOS 12, referenced as Screen Time, has no loss. Once inside we will find that in this first beta it is not yet fully translated. These are your settings:

  • Downtime: Block all applications except the selected ones so that the screen does not show content and we stay away from the phone for a specific time.
  • App Limits: It allows us to block certain applications once we exceed the limit of use that we have marked
  • Always Allowed: We select applications that we want to be always active
  • Content & Privacy Restriction: We will set limits for inappropriate content or sections / applications that we want

To set a limit on the use of an application we just have to follow The following steps on the iPhone or iPad with iOS 12:

  1. Click on App Limits
  2. Once inside click on Add Limit
  3. We can choose between a good number of applications or a specific group depending on the utility, we will be the ones who will choose
  4. Already within the Select the time and even the days that set the limit of use

It's that easy we have created a usage limit for an application or group of applications within iOS 12 and that will allow us to manage more and better the time we spend with our iPhone or iPad.

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