How to deactivate VoiceOver if you accidentally activated it

Everything is laughter, until it happens to us. Surely some user who knows what VoiceOver is will find it funny to read threads like this in which a user accidentally activates something in the Accessibility section of iOS and then is not able to control his iPhone. As I say, it can be funny, until it happens to us, and the problem is even bigger if we don't know how to disable VoiceOver that option since the iPhone only speaks but the screen does not slide.

Disabling VoiceOver is very simple and in this post we will explain how to do it, not without mentioning that I, who in theory dominate quite iOS, I have suffered in my flesh a problem related to some Accessibility that made my iPhone have a life of its own and decided what to select at any moment, something that, honestly, or I remember what it was and I never hope to activate it again.

How VoiceOver works

As we read on the Apple support page, we can control VoiceOver with a few simple gestures:

  • If we touch the screen or drag our finger on it, VoiceOver will tell us everything we touch.
  • If we touch once on a button, we will hear a description.
  • If we play twice, we will select what is marked.
  • If we swipe left or right we will move on to the next or next element.
  • When we interact with an element, it appears surrounded by a black rectangle so that non-blind users can follow everything the blind do. If you prefer to have a certain level of privacy, there is an option that allows you to activate a screen curtain so that nothing is seen, but the indications will continue to be heard.

How do I disable VoiceOver?

The simplest is ask Siri. Our virtual assistant is increasingly capable and has been able to manage some settings for a long time, such as lowering brightness, deactivating Bluetooth or, so far this article, deactivating VoiceOver.

If, for whatever reason, as if you are unable to understand our pronunciation of the accessibility option, you cannot use Siri to deactivate VoiceOver, we can do it manually from Settings / General / Accessibility / VoiceOver and deactivating the lever. We must bear in mind that to be able to select any option we have to double click on it, something that we also have to do to disable this function for blind or visually impaired users.

I also find it interesting to mention how to swipe up or down if we have VoiceOver activated, if we want to access a different option: if we do not have it activated, in applications such as Twitter or iOS Settings whose interface can be moved up or down, sliding the screen is as simple as put your finger on it and slide where we want it to move. If we have this accessibility option enabled, the thing changes slightly: first we have to put our finger on the screen for a second and then it will no longer allow to slide the screen. If we put the finger on the screen and do not leave it fixed, what it will do is read everything on which we support the finger.

Have you had or know someone who has had a problem with VoiceOver?

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