How to disable the geolocation of the photographs we take with the iPhone

One of the great advantages that smartphone have always offered us when using them to take photographs or videos, is the possibility of adding the GPS coordinates of the location where they have been made, a fantastic option when we travel and We want to know at all times where we have taken the photographs.

This option, which is activated natively within iOS, allows us to organize the photographs according to their location, a more than ideal option for when we want to remember a specific trip. But, sometimes, we may not be interested in sharing the location of the photograph we are going to share. In this case, the best option is to disable the geolocation of the camera and So we are not forced to resort to third-party applications.

If we deactivate the location of the camera, all the photographs we take from that moment will not include GPS coordinates, so we will not be able to easily locate them on a map. Disabling photo location information is a very simple process for specific moments, but we must remember to reactivate when the moment that we have finished forced to deactivate it.

Disable location of photos on iPhone

  • All options related to the location of our device, are available within the privacy options, menu that we must access through Settings> Privacy.
  • Within the Privacy section, we go to Location, where we find all the applications or elements of the device that have access to the location. In our case, we go to the option Camera.
  • In the options offered by the Camera application we find: Never and When the app is used, option that is natively selected. To avoid saving the GPS coordinates of our location while using the camera, we must change the option to Nuca.

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