How to disable Touch ID and Face ID in iOS 11

iOS 11 is packed with new features, apparently the Cupertino company has managed to improve the system with a good battery of configurations that many iOS users had been demanding for some time as the personalization of the Control Center. But today we are going to check how to use a function that is designed for the least pleasant moments.

Do you know that Touch ID and Face ID can be deactivated quickly? In iPhone News we will show you how in the simplest way. Because depending on what situations, deactivating the Touch ID and Face ID can get you out of more trouble.

As you well know, there is an emergency calling system in iOS 11 that has been inherited from other systems as well as the Apple Watch. For this we have to repeatedly press the Power button, the one located on the side that we use both to lock the device and to turn it off. This is how we are going to deactivate the Touch ID in iOS 11 (the Face ID in the case of the future iPhone X). But Dwe must have a prior consideration, and we have to deactivate previously that the emergency call it is done fully automatically by repeatedly pressing this side button.

That said, we headed to Settings> SOS Emergencies and we will find the switch to deactivate the automatic call. Once deactivated we will realize that when trying to unlock the Touch ID we have deactivated the function, so we will necessarily have to enter the unlock code. It's that easy and simple, so we recommend you in case you have Face ID or Touch ID, that if you feel threatened immediately or in the future, you deactivate these functions to make it more difficult if the work of the cacos or some guy who wants to play with the mistake is possible.

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