How to download ringtones from iPhone without iTunes or Jailbreak

Something as simple as adding a ringtone on an iPhone is an odyssey, it is something that Apple has not wanted to solve in 12 versions of iOS (or more). Meanwhile, increasingly strange ways of skipping this restriction are emerging. We will explain how to download ringtones from the iPhone without iTunes or Jailbreak.

Easier impossible, as always, iPhone News arrives to teach you how to get the most out of your iPhone thanks to our quick and simple tutorials. Let's go there to see how we can download ringtones directly to our iPhone without too much complication.

It is important that you follow the steps, without skipping any, so that everything works correctly.

  1. The first thing we are going to do is go to the iOS App Store and download us GarageBand (LINK) because it will be the safe-conduct that will allow us to keep the tone.
  2. Once downloaded, remember that the format for iOS tones is ".m4r", so we looks a page that allows us to download them correctly, we leave you an example (LINK) but you can search for the one that seems most correct on Google, such as for example Zedge.
  3. When we have the file we want to download, we will choose it and we will click on the download. Once we have it, it is important that we select the option to save it on our iPhone, for this the "Files" application will open and we will navigate to the following route: iPhone> GarageBand> GarageBand File Transfer
  4. Now we open GarageBand, and within the application we add the file and save the content as our music.
  5. Navigating por Settings> Sound and vibration> Ringtones We will see that GarageBand will now allow us to select this song that we have “created” as a ringtone.

It's that easy to download and add a custom ringtone to our iPhone No need for iTunes, Jailbreak or any other application.

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