How to enable or disable training detection in watchOS 5

One of the functions we have available in watchOS 5 or later It is to receive reminders to start with a training. This is a function that gives us a touch on the wrist and asks if we want to start a training after detecting that we are doing an unusual physical activity and we do not have activated the registration of a training.

With it activated no matter when you press the training record, you will get all the credit for the training from the moment you started it. This function is activated by origin in all Apple Watch that have this version of watchOS 5 or later installed, but it can be deactivated whenever we want.

How can we disable this clock function

Many users do not want to have this function active on the device and therefore the option they have is to disable it by default. To do this we simply access the Settings in the Apple Watch App > click on General> Training Y Training Start Reminder. We eliminate the "check" and voila, now we can rest assured that the clock will not notify us when it detects a possible training.

In case we want you not to let us know about a training session in case we forget to stop the registration, we simply have to go to the same place as before and go down a little more and uncheck the option that says End of training reminder. Now with these options disabled, you will not be notified in any case.

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