How to enable storage optimization on Apple Music

For 16GB devices, space is an important battle, something that is going to be reduced in importance every time, since Apple has unloaded from the Apple Store all 16GB storage products, excess iPhone SE, the mobile device of Apple cheaper. For this, We will show you how to save space if you are a regular user or subscribed to Apple Music, Apple's streaming music system has excellent integration, and is concerned that we save the maximum amount of space available in our storage. Check out these simple steps if you want to save memory space on your iPhone.

Thanks to this system, you will determine from 2GB of storage for all downloaded songs. In the event that you decide to download more, the system will automatically erase older photographs that you do not reproduce regularly. Let's see how we can activate this function. We want to influence that this option is only available in iOS 10.

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<p>First of all, we will go to the Settings app of our iPhone, of course. Then, we will navigate to the “Music” application, or use the settings search engine, you know that it is at the top, something like the Spotlight of the settings. Once in Music and if we have paid the subscription to Apple Music, we will see the option “optimize storage”. We just press, and select the storage we want, <strong>2GB, 4GB, 8GB or 16GB of maximum space.</strong> In addition, next to it will appear the number of approximate songs that we can save with that storage. And this is the easiest way to save space with music. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for Apple to decide to allow us to erase the data from the applications, since some like Facebook store almost 1GB of data, while the application really only occupies a few hundred MBs. We hope this advice has served you.</p>
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