How to erase your Super Mario Run data without deleting the game

Super Mario Run has a profile system that associates all your data with your character, so we could log in with our profile on any device when we want to play Super Mario Run, so we will always have our records within our reach. However, it seems a bit hidden the possibility of resetting everything, leaving the game clean of information and playing as we just do, or starting over again. Because, In iPhone News we will show you how to erase your Super Mario Run data without deleting the game.

In this way, we will be able to delete the following information without taking too much time or work: All the coins we have collected at all levels; All records saved during the game at all levels; All content purchases through in-app payments; Any other information belonging to our player must be reconfigured from the beginning.

Likewise, this does not mean that we lose our in-app purchases, when we buy them again, we will not have to pay for them, obviously. These are the steps to be carried out:

  1. We start Super Mario Run as always from the Springboard
  2. When we are at the beginning, click on the “Menu".
  3. Within the menu, we select “Settings"
  4. Now click on the option “About of this application”Just below the options.
  5. The last of the options is “Delete user data"

Once we click there it will ask us if we really want to do that, obviously we confirm and go on to “delete”, the button in red. In this way, All the information that we have previously verified will be deleted. We recommend that you only do this when you have won all the prizes of the game, as a method of re-playing it, doing it lightly can cause us more than an anger.

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