How to fix keyboard lag on iOS 11 devices

Since the arrival of the new operating system iOS 11 to our iPhone and iPad devices, the keyboard failures They are constant and pronounced by quite a few users.

Today, Apple has already launched two new updates for iOS 11, of which none has been able to solve this lag on the keyboard. As our colleagues have commented, iOS 11.0.2, the last update until today, has focused on other, apparently more serious, failures, leaving aside the lag that occurs on the keyboard.

Seeing that Apple is not doing anything to solve this problem that persists, as we say, in three versions of iOS 11, then we will develop three possible solutions that can make your keyboard have the stability of before. As I say, they are “possible”Solutions that have served some users but it may be the case that even doing what we say, the keyboard still has that small lag.

Solutions to remove keyboard lag

  • Disable the predictive keyboard. The new iOS 11 operating system uses the artificial intelligence to predict words while we are writing and thus facilitating the speed of writing. This is possible, among others, thanks to new A11 Bionic chip, which is incorporated into the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as the next iPhone X. This is why old devices such as iPhone 6, 6S or 7, not having that new chip causes the response time is longer, because technology still uses it but with a less powerful chip. If we deactivate the option of “predictive keyboard”From the keyboard settings, we may notice a better response when using the keyboard.
  • Reset dictionary settings. If you have updated directly from iOS 10 to iOS 11 without doing a clean installation, it is possible that both keyboards are crashing, that is, the keyboard of iOS 11 with respect to that of iOS 10 has certain variations that can cause them to mix and sometimes cause that little lag or any other mistake. To do this, we recommend that, from the device settings, reset the dictionary. In this way, we will be left with only the last dictionary on our device and will not be mixed with any other.

Reset keyboard dictionary

  • Restore device. As we have mentioned in the previous point, the ideal when we update the operating system to a new version, from iOS 10 to iOS 11, it is highly recommended that it be a clean update, because it will delete all the files of the previous operating system and install the new one in a clean way. If you have already updated and not in this way, we recommend that you do a factory installation And in addition to solving this lag on the keyboard, you will notice how your iPhone or iPad is much more fluid and it is likely that even in storage you notice that you have something more free space.
  • Key repeat. This solution is somewhat more complex and more than a solution is a way of mask the lag So we don't notice. If we go to the keyboard settings in the accessibility section, one of the options is “Key repeat". This option offers us the possibility to modify the key repeat time. The solution is to reduce this time and check it until we get the desired one. It is not a very polished alternative but, in case the lag bothers us too much, we can use it to try to hide it.


They are not miraculous solutions and it is possible that none of them solve this problem with the keyboard, but we recommend you try them because today Apple has not put any solution, either because it does not find the fault or because the number of users with this problem is very small and they do not consider that the problem is general.

If you have any questions with some of the solutions mentioned above, write us in the comments to help you.

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