How to install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak

It is no secret that the jailbreak offers us a whole world of possibilities. Thanks to the jailbreak we can install applications not allowed in the App Store (such as Kodi), add functions to the default applications or, what this guide is about, install themes (among other things). An iOS device without jailbreak serves most users perfectly, but you cannot change the image. Or, well, that's what I thought until I discovered a page that will allow us to perform a trick to “install” a theme on our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Before continuing, I would like to explain one thing: what we will achieve by following this tutorial is not to install a complete theme, so if what you expect is a theme in the style of jailbreak, it is best to stop reading. What we will achieve with this method is to create shortcuts to applications with a very different image to the one that iOS 9 shows us, which is the only thing we can do in this sense without jailbreaking our iOS device. If you are interested, here is how to create these accesses and, more or less, install a theme on iOS no jailbreak.

Install new themes on iOS without jailbreak

  1. The first thing we will have to do is access the following page with the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Safari:
  2. Next, we search and play in “Browse all themes”.
  3. We choose the theme we want to install.
  4. Now we tap on "Applications icons".
  5. From the list of icons that appears, we touch the ones we want to install. Logically, it is worth touching them all but, for example, it is not worth installing WhatsApp if we are not using it.
  1. Once we have all the icons selected, slide down and tap on “Install icons”.
  2. We wait for the countdown to end.
  3. We will see the option to install a profile. We tap on "Install."
  4. If we have a code set, we enter it.
  5. We tap again on "Install" and then again on "Install."
  6. When the installation is finished, we click on “Ok”.
  1. You will return to Safari. Now we just have to wait a moment for all the icons to be created.
  2. To see the installed icons we just have to access the last page of our Springboard.

I would like to explain two things about this method: the first is that when we use it we will be installing a profile on our iOS device. Nothing has to happen, but we have to warn that when installing a profile of an unverified user or company, we can install malicious software, so each user must be responsible for their actions if they decide to install this or any other profile of this type.

On the other hand, we must also explain what we are installing or how these icons work. What creates this method is a custom icon that includes a link that opens in Safari. If you want to understand how they work, you just have to access any Safari page and add the name of an application in this way: "appname: // www …". For example, if we want to open in Telegram, the URL would be telegram: // https: // When you give intro, we will see a pop-up window (at least the first time) that asks us for permission to open the link in Telegram and, if we accept, you will enter Telegram and you will be willing to share that link.

What these icons do is exactly the same as I explained in the previous paragraph: when you tap on the new icons, Safari will open us with a URL like the previous one. On the one hand, Safari will not be filled with new tabs, but multitasking will have two cards for each application, one for the real one and one for the direct access, as you can see in the previous image.

We must recognize that the method is not perfect, but it will allow our iOS device to show a different image to the one it brings by default without depending on the jailbreak. What do you think?

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