How to know if I have been blocked on WhatsApp

I personally don't like it, but you have to give in to the evidence: Whatsapp It is the most used messaging application on the planet. In fact, more than 1 in 8 people in the world use the application owned by Facebook, and this is and will be the case in all countries where we receive SMS. This last comment because operators, such as faxes, do not cost anything but, unlike these, the SMS is reflected in our telephone bill.

But well, in this post we are not going to talk about how we would like things to be, if not in a doubt that you have many users: how know if they have blocked us in WhatsApp. Actually, there is no magic formula that lets us know with certainty that they have blocked us on WhatsApp, but there are several indications that, at the very least, can make us suspect that this has been the case. In this post we will talk about these signs.

Signs that may suggest that we have been blocked on WhatsApp

Your last connection date does not appear

As we mentioned above, there is no formula that allows us to make sure that we have been blocked, so we will have to add several signs to end up assuming that it has been. One of these clues is to look at the date that should appear below the name of our contact. For this, it is enough that we open a chat with the person that we believe has blocked us and look under his name.

In theory, the date and time of your last connection should appear. If before the moment in which we believe that it has blocked us the date appeared and now it does not appear, we can think that it has blocked us. But also It is possible that you are not sharing this information with anyone, so it is not advisable to let panic or take action if we do not see your last connection.

Neither double check nor blue check

We may think it is a WhatsApp bug, but it is not 100% true. If we have been blocked, we can send messages to this contact, but we will have to be attentive to what is known as "check":

  • The first check means that the message has been delivered to WhatsApp, that is, to the server that will deliver the message to our contact.
  • The second check means that the message has been delivered to our contact, but has not yet read it.
  • The third check is when the two “V” are set to blue, which means that the message has been read, as long as our contact has not deactivated this option from the settings.

If we have been blocked, the double check and blue check will not appear on our screen Maybe this is where the WhatsApp fault is: knowing this data, we can imagine that they have blocked us. In my opinion, to help us not to inform if we have blocked someone, the second check should also appear, that is, the two “V” that indicate that the message has reached our contact. In this way, we would never see the blue check, which, in theory, would mean that you have not read the message but, unlike the double check, the blue check can be deactivated from the options and this is just what we would think if you did not let's see.

Profile picture disappears

When a user blocks you, Your photo disappears from WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web / Desktop. It is clear that he may have removed it, but I do not see the reason why someone would want to remove the photo from their WhatsApp profile. This could be the clearest indication of all.

As you know, WhatsApp Web is the Web version, also available in a desktop app, with which we can chat on WhatsApp, but it is a reflection of what happens on our smartphone, which means that we cannot chat on WhatsApp if our phone is not connected to the same WiFi network as our computer. Like any web version of any messaging application, this option is much more limited than the official application, but the photo does not appear either.

No method can assure us

It is important to end up talking about this point again. Although it goes against what we are looking for in this post, WhatsApp will try to protect the privacy or desire of the user who blocks to a contact, which is why it does not offer a 100% reliable method to know if we have been blocked. That is the reason why I have also commented that it fails to allow the first check and not the second, because by sending a message we can know that it has not arrived and begin to think that our contact does not want to know anything about us, at least from WhatsApp.

So, have you discovered that someone could have blocked you on WhatsApp? Do you know another method that we could include in this post?

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