How to modify the order in which contacts are displayed

When it comes to storing our contacts on the iPhone, it is likely that if we continue to inherit old customs of the old phones, in which we could only add the name and the phone, our agenda will only order us by name the contacts that we have stored. But if we have adapted, our agenda may be sorted by name, surname, landline, mobile phone, company name, position …

Natively, every time we reinstall iOS on our device or renew our iPhone, iOS it shows us the contact agenda sorted by the contact's last name instead of by the name, something that for many users can be a problem, especially if by last name there is no way to find the contact we have stored.

Fortunately, iOS allows us to modify the order in which contacts are displayed. In this way, the names of our contacts agenda will be shown showing first the name of the contact followed by the last name. To modify, which for many users can be a nuisance, we must perform the following steps:

  • First, we headed up Settings.
  • Within Settings, we go to the fifth block of options available and click on Contacts.
  • Next, click on Order to modify the order in which contacts are displayed. By default, iOS shows us contacts sorted by last name. To show the name we must first select Name last Name.

It would not be bad that sometime, in future updates, Apple would allow us expand the number of options when displaying contacts, allowing us, for example, to show contacts by companies, something that would undoubtedly thank many people who usually use our iPhone for work, without having to force us to resort to third-party applications.

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