How to play Super Mario Run with Jailbreak

Yesterday, the most anticipated game of the year, Super Mario Run, finally arrived at the App Store. The first 100% Nintendo title that comes to our iPhone and iPad with one of the most famous characters in the world of video games, reasons more than enough for the expectation to be great. But the unpleasant surprise that many users found is that it doesn't work if you have the Jailbreak done. As always, the problem is the beginning of the solution, and Cydia offers a very simple way to skip this restriction to be able to play Super Mario Run even if you have the Jailbreak done. We will explain it below.

Preventing applications from working on devices with Jailbreak done is something as widespread as it is useless, and there are many tweaks that help the Jailbreak not be detected. The only one that at the moment seems to work with Super Mario Run is called tsProtector 8+ (iOS 9 & 8), which is available in the BigBoss repository and is completely free. Once installed on your device, all you have to do is go to the Settings menu of your device, find the section dedicated to tsProtector and open the “Black List Apps” menu, there you will find the Super Mario Run game among other applications that you have installed , activate it and you could already use the Nintendo game on your iPhone and iPad.

Nintendo is being very cautious with Super Mario Run and does not want piracy to spoil a business that has just started for the Japanese company. In addition, there are always problems caused by the "cheats", those modifications that allow you to get rewards and move through the game more quickly "illegally", and that end up spoiling the experience of users who compete in online mode by being disadvantaged if you do not use those modifications. That is why an active internet connection is necessary to play Super Mario Run and has also implemented this restriction for Jailbreak.

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