How to prevent audio messages from being deleted alone in Messages

Surely more than one of those present has been stunned to see that the audio messages that have been sent through the Apple Messages app have been automatically deleted. Nowadays it is very normal for people to send audio notes through different messaging apps, but when they do from the Messages app these are deleted after two minutes of playing them.

This, which can be an advantage for many, is a great inconvenience for others. Since we assume that we are in the car and an audio message comes in, it is played by CarPlay and then in two minutes it will be eliminated, so if we have passed an address, a phone or any important data we can run out of it and then we will have to ask for it again.

This has a solution from the Message Settings

We can say that in all cases the important thing is that the user is in charge or has the option of having these audio messages deleted automatically or not, so today we will see what we have to do to edit it. It is a very simple step but that is somewhat hidden with so many adjustments …

The first thing we have to do is open Settings on iPhone. Now we go down until we find Messages and once inside we have to go down until we find Audio messages, place where it appears "Expiration" and "Lift to listen." Well, we simply have to activate the option Never and voila, in this way the audio messages that come to us will not be deleted automatically, we will have to be in charge of eliminating them. It is important to say that this option is activated originally on all iPhone, so when you want to keep the voice messages that are sent to you in the Messages app, you have to configure it manually so as not to lose them.

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