How to prevent the iPhone from connecting to a stored Wi-Fi network

iOS 11 came loaded with news, And it is that we are without a doubt before the most customizable version of iOS of all that we have arranged to date. And it is that thanks to this version of the operating system we can channel our efforts and squeeze the most of our iPhone without altering our tastes. The operation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks has also changed.

It is (or rather was) a real nuisance when we record a Wi-Fi network and connects automatically even if we do not want, especially in homes with two 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks. We will show you how to prevent the iPhone from connecting to a stored Wi-Fi network so that without forgetting the password you have to connect it voluntarily.

Now it will become much easier that we only have the networks that provide us with better performance in those places that have more than one Wi-Fi connection at the service of users, even in our own home.

We simply have to address the application of settings and select the configuration of Wifi. Once inside we will navigate between the networks and we will select the one that we do not want to be connected automatically. If we click on the "I", the details of this Wi-Fi connection will open and we will find a switch and a functionality, such that:

  • Skip this network: Forget the network completely, so the password stored for that Wi-Fi is deleted
  • Automatic Connection: If we deactivate this switch, the Wi-Fi network password will continue to be stored, but it will only be connected if we manually press on that network.

It's that easy we can make use of the functionality of automatic connection and have the Wi-Fi network in question only when we want it. We hope we have helped you, as always, with the iPhone News tutorials.

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