How to put the iPhone to rest while listening to a Podcast or just after finishing it

Has it ever happened to you that you went to bed with your iPhone and your headphones to listen to a podcast and woke up the next morning even with the iPhone playing audio? Do you know that you can program your iPhone for it to go to sleep when you decide? It is one of those functions that you will find in the app «Podcast» installed as standard, but as often happens, it is somewhat hidden. We teach you how to program your iPhone to turn off or go to rest after the expiration of the period that you impose.

The truth is that if you are one of those who like long, exact podcasts, such as those of iPhone News, it is very possible that before the reproduction comes to an end and it is you, manually, who decides to take off the headphones, for Podcast reproductions and putting the terminal to rest – and more having a pending playback queue – it can arrive the next morning and find you with much less battery, in addition to having lost all the pending programs / audios you had. The solution? Than tell the iPhone a period for him to go to sleep alone.

To accomplish this, the movements are very simple. Of course, you should know that the option is in that location. Where to find the function? Well, when you start playing a podcast and you're on the cover screen, move the screen up and just below the volume level bar you will find a button that says "Rest". Press it and you will see that a box opens with different options that They range from resting the terminal in 5 minutes to an hour maximum. Or, if you prefer, when the episode being played ends, the function comes into play. It's that simple. Of course, what we cannot assure you is that you do not get up with an earache if you have slept all night with the headphones in-ear posts …

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