How to remove credit cards from your iPhone easily

Those of us who are used to the entire iOS and macOS environment in general, end up unnecessarily storing a huge amount of information both in the Safari form and in our own iCloud Keychain. Be that as it may, Apple gives us, how could it be otherwise, a method to delete this data that we have stored and we no longer want to be there.

When we buy things, with or without Apple Pay, We have a utility to store our payment data and credit cards in iOS, we will teach you to delete this data. Let's take a look at the iPhone settings once again.

We go there with the simple steps, first we must go to the iOS App Store and in any tab we click on our profile image in the upper right corner of the screen. We will open a submenu of the Apple ID, simply click on our Apple ID and ask us to enter with our password or with the Touch ID. Once we are inside we simply move to the option of "Payment information". Now we just have to delete the credit card that we have added removing all the content that you have recorded and pressing on "finished" in the upper right corners.

How to remove Apple Pay cards

Another option is to eliminate credit cards directly from Apple Pay, for this we enter "Settings" and then in functionality "Wallet and Apple Pay", once inside we simply select the card we want to delete, click on the tab "information", and when we go down to the bottom of the navigation menu we find the possibility of "Delete card". Doing this will also eliminate an Apple Pay card so it will not come out as a payment option within Safari, that easy.

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