How to search for songs on Apple Music by letter

Apple Music is a very powerful streaming music service. Users who subscribe to the different plans do so mainly because of the integration with the operating system of the different devices. In addition, multi-device integration also makes Apple Music a good option for listening to music.

With iOS 12, Apple has added the option to search for songs by letter instead of by its title. In this way, if we are thinking about a song and its name does not come to us, we can search for its lyrics and the different results that match the piece of lyrics that we have inserted will appear.

Search for songs by letter on Apple Music

The reality is that sometimes we don't remember a song name, but we have it constantly ringing in our head to the rhythm of a familiar phrase. Until now we couldn't find the song unless we use Google and it redirects us to a page of song lyrics, and from there to find the track we were looking for.

But Apple Music has introduced a novelty in iOS 12 with which it allows us Find songs by letter. To do this, simply follow the following simple steps:

  1. Clarification: it is necessary to have a subscription to the service to perform this search
  2. Access Apple Music from any of your devices
  3. At the bottom click on Search for
  4. In the search engine you can write the name of a song, an album or The phrase of the lyrics of a song. In this way, Apple will search the entire Apple Music lyrics record and will return a result with the song you are looking for.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that Apple Music also indexes the lyrics of your library songs, So you have two options to search: in the library with all the songs you have in it, or throughout the music repertoire of Apple Music. In Spain this function still does not work, or at least on the devices where we have tested several users. However, we trust that the big apple will go slowly and eventually implant it globally.

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