How to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11

After more than three long months of waiting, finally next Tuesday, September 19, Apple will release the official version of iOS 11, the new version of its mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that is a real transformation, with the renewed application design (Messages, App Store, Mail, etc.), a much more personalized and functional Control Center and by Of course, new multitasking features on the iPad, a completely renewed and useful dock, and a Files app that finally provides us with a true file manager for iOS.

With all this, and much more, next Tuesday millions of users will quickly launch to download and install the new version on their devices. However, if you want to enjoy the best possible experience, you should follow a previous ritual. Therefore, we will tell you below everything you need to do before upgrading to iOS 11.

Is my device compatible?

Although it seems obvious, in order to upgrade to iOS 11 before we must Check if our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is compatible or not. Fortunately, Apple is generous in this regard, so we will be able to update terminals that are already more than four years old.

This is the full list of devices compatible with iOS 11:

  • iPhone 5S and up, including, of course, the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X
  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Mini 2 onwards
  • 5th generation iPad
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • iPad Pro: all 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inch models
  • 6th generation pod touch

Update applications and clean

With the passage of time, we accumulate a large number of applications that, finally, we end up not using and are forgotten, stored in a folder, relegated to that “disaster drawer” that is the last screen… We probably also have a large amount of photos and videos that are occupying us space on the device and that we do not want at all, especially those that send us by WhatsApp presupposing that we will like them.

And if you use services such as DropBox and similar ones, you probably have downloaded files that you no longer need to have locally on your iPhone or iPad. All this occupies a precious space that you will need to upgrade to iOS 11, or that you can devote to better things. In addition, deleting all those things will be very useful for the following things you should do before upgrading to iOS 11.


  • Remove everything you don't need from your iPhone or iPad or you don't want, from disused applications to photos, videos, etc.
  • And since you are, make sure you update all your applications to its latest version. To do this, simply open the App Store, click on the "Updates" section, and update what is pending update.

Make a backup

We arrive in this way to the most important step of all because now you have your device ready for make a backup of your content, data and settings. It is really very difficult for an error to occur during the update process, but it is not impossible, so if you do not want to risk losing contacts, photographs, videos, files or anything else, from iPhone News we strongly advise you to make a copy of security.

We can make a backup following several methods or systems, but today we will recommend the application AnyTrans, available in several languages, including Spanish, which makes things much easier and shows that they also care about Spanish-speaking users.

AnyTrans is a file transfer application with which you can Make a backup copy of your iPhone or iPad data on your Mac or PC, on iCloud, on iTunes … And you can also do it in a very fast, simple and effective way because as you see in the upper screenshot, it presents a Careful design interface and very intuitive operation.

Making a backup of your device is so simple that you can do it in just two steps:

  1. Press the "Backup Manager" button
  2. Click on the message to make the backup

You can also make a backup on your computer through:

  1. In "Device Manager"
  2. Press "Content to Mac / Pc"
  3. Select data type
  4. Press the next button to make the backup

In AnyTrans you can connect multiple devices simultaneously, and directly transfer your contacts, multimedia content, playlists, messages, notes, calendars, Safari bookmarks and more directly to your computer, to iTunes to even iCloud completely securely as AnyTrans uses the same encryption technology as Apple. This way you guarantee to have a complete backup of all personal information.

Also, AnyTrans gives you the absolute control over what you want to recover Well, you can also access these backups in iCloud and iTunes in order to visualize and recover only what you need as a concrete photograph of your last vacation or a selected document.

But the truth is that this application offers many other functions such as clone a device, migrate from Android to iOS more easily, sync multiple iCloud accounts and more, in addition to supporting your iPhone or iPad before updating to iOS 11 or a possible case of theft or loss, so we encourage you to explore it by downloading the latest version of AnyTrans here.

After having the backup ready, you can now update to iOS 11 with total security, either via OTA or from iTunes. If you do not want to drag possible errors, it is best to do a clean restoration.

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