Improve the Apple Watch? This concept of watchOS 5 could be a good improvement for the Apple watch

And is that really physically improve the hardware is something that many of us miss when the design of the Apple watch seems appropriate and is really convincing everyone who wants to buy the brand device. The current Apple Watch is not too thick, it has a correct screen size in both versions, its weight is balanced for the device it is and also allows you to choose between a good handful of straps for each moment, so the design is fine.

But as always there is a but, we can say that Apple continues to add functions to the software but in a somewhat scarce way and users always want more. In this case we can see a concept of watchOS 5 that could fit perfectly in some points with the watch of the brand. “Always on” screen is always active to see the time and date, support for native podcast applications or even more and different spheres to choose from.

It is true that these are usually habitual demands among the most “hardcore” users of the watch and we also have to say that lately we have more available spheres or something very important that we don't forget, applications open faster in the latest models thanks to the current software and hardware conjunction.

In any case it is always good to improve and therefore Matt birchler, Shows us his particular watchOS 5 in a collection of images that show everything that many ask for. Having Siri always listening or even improving the application dock is a small part of what Birchler shows us, in his concept. The screen always on can be scary with the "burn OLED screens" and such, but nothing is further from reality as long as it is well implemented.

About the syncing for podcasts is something we hope Apple implements once in the next version of watchOS, but neither seems to show much interest in it despite the demand of users to use the clock as a podcast player. More and better areas with the possibility of combining complications is another point to consider, in addition to adding more speed in the opening of applications (which never hurts despite the current substantial improvement) for the next version of the system. All this hopefully Apple takes note and surprise us in the next WWDC this summer.

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