In two years Apple use its own GPUs

Since the Cupertino boys decided to stop betting on Samsung for the iPhone processors, the Cupertino boys have been designing their own processors but not the GPUs of their devices. This is done by Imagination Technologies, a company located in the United Kingdom that a few hours ago has seen its stock market value plummet after the announcement made by Apple, stating that in the next two years, it will begin to implement its own GPUs, of This way every time a device is sold, the Imagination Technologies guys will let money in, which has caused the company's shares to have fallen 70% minutes after the announcement.

If this ad is finally confirmed, the A12 chip would be the first that would be accompanied by a graphic designed by Apple in California (and probably made in China). To try to stop the beastly fall suffered by the actions of this British company, a spokesman for the company has published the following statement:

Apple has not submitted any evidence to justify its claim that Imagination technology is no longer required, without violating the company's patents, intellectual property and confidential information. This evidence has been requested by Imagination but Apple has refused to provide it. In addition, the company believes that it would be very difficult to design a new GPU architecture without infringing its intellectual property rights.

Apple has proved its worth in the design of its own processors and now it is the turn of the graphics, but as we can see in the Imagination Technologies community it will be very complicated if you do not want to use any of the patents that the British company has registered in your name. It should be remembered that GPUs are currently designed in collaboration with Imagination Technologies to perfectly match the processor and all the hardware, but it was the logical step after having put the head in the world of processors.

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