Indian actor tells Tim Cook he expects the "Apple VR"

The next thing that is about to take off in technology there is something in which it seems that everyone has something to say: Virtual Reality. Google has already launched its software, with a Cardboard and an API to integrate it into web pages, Samsung has already launched its hardware and Microsoft presented its proposal last year. Who is missing? Apple, but, according to an Indian actor, we will soon see the Apple VR.

When Tim Cook was asked about the Virtual reality, Apple CEO responded by saying it was something very interesting. Many took their words as the announcement that they would launch something in the future. Personally, we do bear in mind that when asked about Google Glass, Cook said he didn't like it and preferred a watch, I think the fact that he said that Virtual Reality is interesting could only mean that they want to enter that market .

Will we have an Apple VR in WWDC?

Welcome to India, @tim_cook. After seeing all your keynotes, it was great to meet you at last. I look forward to the Apple VR!

Apple's CEO has recently been on a business trip to Asia. First it passed through China, partly to visit the headquarters of Didi, the Chinese Uber in which they have invested 1,000M dollars. Later they passed through India and one of the people he met wrote the previous tweet. The question is: Did Tim Cook speak to Emraan Hashmi of a device they were preparing? If the answer is yes, it is most likely that Apple has given approval to Hashmi to talk about Apple VR on Twitter or, otherwise, they would have already made him delete that tweet. On the other hand, it is possible that the Indian actor is only expressing his desire for the apple company to launch a device to be able to enjoy Virtual Reality with an Apple device.

The WWDC 2016 It will take place from June 13 to 17 and some media say they feel like in 2001, when all brands presented their MP3 players and Apple launched the iPod. It remains to be seen, first, if they present the Apple VR this year and, second, if it surpasses therefore the competing devices.

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