iOS 11 and watchOS 4 now available for download

They have been months of waiting and more than 10 betas until the day expected by many has arrived: iOS 11 and watchOS 4 are finally available for download on compatible devices. You no longer have to be in any developer or public beta program, anyone can install these new versions on their devices from this precise moment.

What do you have to do to install these new versions on your devices? What new features bring these updates? During all this time we have been telling all these things and in this article I have compiled all the necessary information for you to update without problems.

Compatible devices

  • iOS 11: iPad Air 1 and 2, iPad Pro (any model), iPad mini 2 onwards, iPad 2017, iPhone 5s onwards.
  • watchOS 4: any Apple Watch model

How to install the update

The first thing is to install iOS 11. To do this you can access the settings menu of your iPhone or iPad and in the section General> Software update you should see the update to iOS 11. If you were already testing the previous betas and you have installed the Golden Master version you will not see any update because it really is the same as the one Apple has released today.

Once you have installed iOS 11 go to the Watch application on your iPhone with the Apple Watch connected and under General> Software update, the update to watchOS 4 will appear. As before, if you were already with the GM version, no update will appear because it is the same as the current one.

IOS 11 news

To know all the news that iOS 11 brings us in its version for iPhone and iPad it is best to read this extensive article in which we tell you absolutely everything that these new updates bring with images and videos Demonstrative

WatchOS 4 news

To know the changes that watchOS 4 brings you can see these videos where you will know the new features that we can enjoy with this update for our Apple Watch.

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