iOS 12 allows you to use the precise keyboard selector to devices without 3D Touch

One of the most relevant news of iOS 12 is precisely that it is fully compatible with devices without the latest technologies in the Cupertino company, an example is the iPhone 5s, iPhone SE or iPhone 6 variants, devices that for example do not count With intelligent vibration system as well as 3D Touch function. Apple continues to work to make users feel more satisfied with their purchases for longer. An example is that It is now possible thanks to iOS 12 to use the precise keyboard selector even on systems that lack 3D Touch technology. This is an important advance at the utility level for all users.

Users with 3D Touch already know it well, if we press to activate 3D Touch on the keyboard, in the central area, an intelligent and precise selection system is activated, so we can select complete words if we press hard, complete phrases if we press hard and move the finger to the side we want and even navigate letter by letter if we simply activate 3D Touch and navigate through the text. This is one of the functions that I use most every day and those that make the most sense to 3D Touch but… what happens to users who lack this technology?

Apple solves it with iOS 12, many editions of iOS after its launch, yes, but the first step came with the iPad in iOS 11 that already incorporated 3D Touch functionalities lacking the technology. Now users of the iPhone 5s, iPhone SE and iPhone 6 variants will be able to use the 3D Touch features on the keyboard by facilitating the way they navigate with writing and helping them to correct errors more easily. The question is why Apple has taken so long, and above all, if it will continue to keep it in future betas of iOS 12, in the first one it is fully functional, but things usually change in these early stages of development.

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