iOS 12 offers you all the information about the use of the battery

We continue to discover new features offered by iOS 12, and one of the most interesting and that can help us to know well how our iPhone behaves is the new Battery menu that we have within the device settings. In the new version that will be released this September and we are already testing in its first Beta the information that is offered to us is much more visual and more complete than the one we have in iOS 11.

Graphics with the evolution of the battery throughout the day and that also shows us the moments in which we have been charging The device, information on battery consumption at every moment of the day and complete information on the consumption of each application is what we can know in iOS 12, and we show you how it works.

The battery is one of the most important elements of our devices. One of the questions you ask us each time we install a new version is always about the battery life, and one of the issues that generates more headaches is also precisely how to get the battery to hold us longer. Assuming everything is fine and that there is no problem, it is obvious that It is essential to know which applications are the ones that consume the battery of our device, and thus to know how to improve this aspect. iOS 12 makes it very simple with this completely renovated menu.

Now in a very visual way we can see all the information that our device has about battery consumption. A first linear graph shows the battery level over the last 24 hours with the charging moments in light blue. Below this graph appears another in the form of bars, in which we can see the time of use of the device, either with a screen on (green) or off (blue). We can correlate the battery level with that use of the device in a very visual and direct way. Below is the list of applications ordered from highest to lowest consumption, and we can change the information of% consumed at time of use. If we click on a given moment of the previous graph, we will see what applications we use in that period with its consumption.

As you can see we can know exactly what period of the day has caused the highest battery consumption and which applications have been responsible, either by direct use or by being in the background performing tasks that we do not perceive but that require use of resources and energy. One more step to be able to squeeze the battery of our device to the fullest.

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