iOttie bets on wireless chargers for all corners

This CES in Las Vegas is having several unquestionable protagonists: HomeKit and wireless charging devices. The arrival of the new iPhone compatible with the Qi standard has made manufacturers fully launch to offer wireless chargers, and we can forget about the classic plastic plates on which we leave our smartphone, because brands like iOttie want to go much further.

To the charger that the other day caught our attention and that we show you in this article have added other models that cover a wide range of locations in which we can place it, such as the car, the work desk or even directly on a plug. We show you all the models below, and some are really amazing.

Its star model is the iOttie iON Wireless Charging Pad, which is what we show in the header image and that goes far beyond the simple plastic plate of always. With a much more careful design, a heat dissipation system and various finishes in textile material of different colors We can place it in any place without disconnecting, and also has a USB port to charge another device by cable. Of course it is compatible with Apple's fast charging.

To this model we can add two other very similar ones: Fast Charging Mini Pad and Fast Charging Stand. As their names indicate they are two different versions, one smaller than the iOttie iON but with the same materials although smaller and more compact, and another model to place the phone in portrait mode and thus be able to view the notifications that reach us comfortably, something more complicated when we have it in a horizontal magazine.

But the model that surprised me the most was the iON Home Wireless Power Station. It is a charger that is placed directly on the plug, and that allows the wireless charging of a smartphone that is placed on its front, being fixed thanks to the magnets that this charger includes. Sl smartphone will have to place a small metal piece in the back so that it stays fixed without fear of falling. A USB-C charging port, four conventional USB and space to connect two conventional plugs complete a device that also has a light dim ideal to avoid absolute darkness at night. As if that were not enough at the top we can place two smartphones to be charged using a cable connected to any of its USB. Currently available for American plug, we have already asked if it will also be compatible with other plugs.

But wireless charging is also useful in the car, and there iOttie offers us two supports with a built-in charger, the Easy One Touch Wireless CD Slot to place in the slot of the CD that nobody uses, and the Easy One Touch Wireless Air Vent for place on the air conditioning vent of our vehicle. These last two will be available at the end of this month of January, while the rest of the models that we have shown you will arrive during this first quarter, without definitive date. The iON Home Wireless Power Station charger will launch later. We do not know prices but we will be attentive.

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