IPhone renewal plan also arrives in Spain

Are you thinking of buying an iPhone? Well, this news interests you: IPhone renewal plan It has reached more countries and is available from today on Spain, Italy and France. The plan will allow us to deliver our old iPhone, Android or Windows Phone and buy a new iPhone by paying in installments, 24 to be exact, or receive a discount of up to € 290 (better check each case) that we can use in a physical Apple Store or Receive a gift card of that value.

On the website of the iPhone Renewal Plan presents several examples, as if we deliver an iPhone 5s we will receive a € 128 discount To buy a 16GB iPhone SE that is valued at € 489 or that if we deliver an iPhone 6 and want to buy an iPhone 6s Plus we will have to pay a total of € 630.96, always with both options to pay it in installments or receive a discount on the App Store / iTunes Card. But the question is, is it worth using this renewal plan?

The iPhone Renewal Plan arrives in Spain

If I have to be honest, I'm not sure if it's worth it or not, and I will tell you why: first, these types of plans, such as when a dealer offers us a renewal plan, offer us all the facilities in the world, but that comes at a price. For example, if you take a walk through a buying and selling forum, you will find that it is relatively easy to sell an iPhone 6 for about € 350, so we would already be earning € 60 more than if we use the Apple plan. On the other hand, it is not clear how much we would save if we delivered an iPhone 6 of 128GB, and it is not much the same as the 16GB model, so it is always worth visiting the Apple Renew page and studying each case . In fact, until last year we could say which device we wanted to assess with a few clicks and now we have to put the IMEI or the serial number of the device.

Of course, although I have already mentioned that we will lose some money if we use such a plan, selling a product to an official house is also the most comfortable and we forget about problems. What do you think?

You have more information on the Spanish page of the iPhone Renewal Plan.

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