iPhone X: specifications, availability and price

Again we have been able to verify how the keynote in which Apple has presented the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple TV 4k and Apple Watch Series 3 has not surprised anyone, since we knew all the data related to these devices, including images, especially the highly anticipated iPhone X, the terminal with which Apple celebrates the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone.

However, the iPhone X has been the one that has received more time and attention, due to the screen, which occupies practically the entire front of the device and that will also be in charge of completely emptying the pocket where we plan to store it. Here we show you all the iPhone X specifications, prices and availability.

IPhone X Specifications

IPhone X screen

With the arrival of the iPhone X, Apple releases the nomenclature Super Retina Display, a 5.8-inch screen with OLED technology, the first of its kind that comes to the iPhone. The screen occupies almost the entire front of the device and offers a spectacular brightness and contrast of 1,000,000: 1.

In the upper part of the device we find a notch where the cameras needed to unlock the device Through our face The problem with this notch is that when it comes to enjoying games or videos, the result leaves a little to be desired when a part of the screen is cut.

Until now moving the device we could turn on the screen, thanks to the option available on the latest iPhone models. This model allows us turn it on just by touching it to wake up and show us if you have any notification.

Face ID

One of the fears that users had was that when the physical start button disappeared, so did the Touch ID. Finally this news has been confirmed and the Face ID will take care of its function. From now on our face will be the only way to unlock our device, identify and pay safely. This technology analyzes more than 30,000 points of our face to create a detailed map of our face.

It doesn't matter if we wear glasses, a hat, a scarf, a turtleneck, we put on a wig, if we cut our hair, the Face ID will know at all times that we remain the same person. When using depth detectors, the operation of the Face ID will not respond if we show a picture of our face.

Being the new method to protect our information, it is also the method used to authenticate that we are the rightful owners of the device at the time of Make payments with Apple Pay.

IPhone X front camera

The front camera of the iPhone X, has been renamed TrueDepth, thanks to the sensors capable of detecting depth and also allowing us to use the portrait mode of 7 and 8 Plus. When making our selfies, we can change the type of lighting through effects offered by the camera to improve the final result in a spectacular way.

IPhone X rear cameras

The back of the iPhone X offers us two 12 mpx cameras, both with optical stabilizer and that allow us, like last year's Plus model, to make fantastic shots with portrait mode. Both cameras are new and integrate a new color filter that will improve, even more so if the method fits, with which we make our captures.

These new cameras significantly improve the noise level of photographs, especially when there is not much light. The combination of the wide-angle and telephoto lens of the iPhone X It offers us an optical and a digital zoom of up to x10 in photos and x6 in videos.

IPhone X processor

The new iPhone X premieres new processor the A11 Bionic, a more powerful processor than the brothers iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which are managed by the A11. This 6-core processor is capable of performing up to 600,000 million operations per second thanks to its neural motor.

Of the six cores, four of them offers us an efficiency 70% higher than the A10 Fusion processor, and the other two, are 25% faster. Thanks to the neural motor that integrates the iPhone X, Face ID technology is able to adapt to our appearance as time goes by, as I commented in the camera section.

Wireless charging

As we have seen in the presentation, finally Apple has implemented induction charging technology on the iPhone X, induction charging that is also available on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The Qi standard allows us to wirelessly charge our iPhone X in any charging base of this type in hotels, airports, coffee shops … It is confirmed that, since Apple is late in this regard, it has not wanted to limit the operation of this system of cargo to your MFI certified products.

Apple has also introduced the AirPower, an induction charging station, which allows us jointly charge our iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus along with the AirPods and Apple Watch. This charging base will not reach the market until next year.

IPhone X Availability

Apple has not specified whether from November 3, date on which the physical availability of this terminal will begin, But as of October 27, we can already start making the reservation.

IPhone X colors

Although the rumors pointed out that Apple could offer this new model in three different colors, the company at the moment It will only sell two: Space Gray and Silver, leaving aside gold and pink. It is likely that within a few months, the color gamut will be expanded with a new model in copper color, the third color in which the iPhone X should be available, but apparently due to production problems at the moment it is not available.

IPhone X Price

For a few months, most rumors claimed that the price of the iPhone X would be very close to 1000 dollars (without taxes). Analysts confirmed this possibility, possibility that has become reality when the boys of Cupertino have announced the prices of this model, which is only available in two capacities: 64 and 256 GB.

  • Price of the iPhone X 64 GB: 1,159 euros.
  • Price of the 256 GB iPhone X: 1,329 euros.

If these prices are out of the pocket of many users, maybe operators can be a good option when it comes to getting the iPhone X, as long as they can offer us the terminal in comfortable terms and that in the end we save some money.

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