Is it worth it or not to buy Beats headphones?

Do they deserve or not Beats headphones are worth it? A well-known discussion where he has given them and continues to give a lot, especially since Apple acquired the company, something that reinforced its exclusive product image and, for many, overrated. For others, not so much. Who has the reason? That is what we will try to elucidate, in general, throughout this text.

As getting a consensus on this issue is little less than a utopia, we will try to provide some data objectively and then, each one, to establish their own criteria. We start from the basis that almost all Beats models are not focused on a professional audience of audio, but for people who do not have to have extensive knowledge in the field and, as such, do not seek perfection elevated to the maximum exponent.

Beats by Dr. Dre

Beats has always had a strong social value as a brand, built on the years of expansion and marketing work, its perfectly recognizable designs and, why not, also for its price. The cost of the same makes many people are not willing to pay what these headphones cost when they go on the market and they either wait to find them at a lower price after a few months, or they don't buy them. This has also meant that there is a certain aspirational component in having some Beats – as is the case with smartphones and other high-end products – since everyone is able to identify some when they see them on the street, associating them with a idea of ​​previously established value. We would not be mistaken in stating that many of the Beats sales are based on the posture pure and hard, which is not bad either.

But do they sound good or sound bad? Beyond the aesthetics and the brand is to comply well with what is the main function of these products, which is none other than to offer us audio quality at the height of what is expected of helmets with a price that has to be justified. It is perhaps the most difficult answer to answer, since the subjective perception of each one will make the opinion lean towards one side or the other.

Let's be clear: none of Beats' headphones and headphones will offer a poor or mediocre sound in general terms. A brand does not gain popularity by making products ‘from the heap’ and definitely Beats would not show off as he does if the audio quality of his products were very poor. From there, that a user likes it more or less is something that enters the personal field.

If we pay attention to reviews and comparisons, the result that is repeated in most of them in that they are good but they are not the best that we can obtain for that price or for a similar one, with products of Sony, Plantronics or Bose with better technical specifications and with a quality of sound that sins less in points where the Beats floje, like an excessive use of the serious ones. What does Beats have that doesn't have the rest, then?

The best Beats headphones

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Precisely, this year is where we can get more difference compared to the competition by buying some Beats. A few months ago Apple introduced the AirPods, which they incorporated a new W1 chip inside specifically designed so that the pairing and connection via Bluetooth was like never before we had seen it between a device and a smartphone. Thanks to him, it has never been so quick to start enjoying our music on wireless devices, in addition to offering a significant improvement in their autonomy by making better energy management.

Months later, he did the same with two Beats models and also included in them this chip, making them an option as good as the AirPods for those looking for a different approach. This puts the brand models that have this feature one step ahead from other firms and, without a doubt, it is a reason by itself to choose some Beats instead of some Bose. It is not only that it is more comfortable, it is that the use that we are going to give them is so daily that there has to be a greater comfort that allows us to enjoy them to the fullest in this 2017 and in the following years.

What are these models?

Today, there are two Beats products that include the W1 chip inside and, therefore, have made the leap to the next level of wireless connectivity, a step for which there is no possible recoil. The existence of these, as we said, responds to the need to cover needs other than those of the AirPods.

Only 3 Wirelesss

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The latest evolution of the popular Solo. They retain the traditional design and for which the brand is popular, while incorporating all the good news of recent developments. If you were looking for headband helmets, these do not disappoint, except that you have an iPhone 7 and want to connect them to this using the cable that includes, which is 3.5 mm jack and not Lightning, in which case you will be disappointed a little.

In general, what they offer we will like if we decide to buy them. In addition, stores like Amazon can be found at a lower price compared to the official Apple store.

Buy – Beats Solo 3 Wireless


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The perfect option for the most athletes. The freedom of not carrying cables, along with design designed not to move from our ear canal, whatever type of exercise we do will come in pearls if we like Listen to our music or podcasts while we exercise. In the event that the AirPods are not for us because they do not fit well to the shape of our ear and we often fall, perhaps this is the most interesting alternative. Again, at Amazon we can get a small discount against those sold by Apple.

Buy – PowerBeats3

Then we have agreed that …

In short, we can say that Beats headphones and headphones will provide us with a more than satisfactory service if our ear is not too exquisite and we want to appreciate all the nuances lining up in perfect tune. Are there options that will work the same or better for a similar or lower price? Probably yes. But, as we said before, the price is part of the way the Beats are perceived, so that is a losing battle.

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