Japan Display is emerging to supply LCD panels to Apple

The new iPhone X and its OLED screen seems to be giving too many headaches to Apple and that is why some sources indicate that it would be opting for the Japan Display LCD screen choice for iPhone 2018.

It is possible that these advanced liquid crystal displays (LCDs) arrive from Japan to assist in next year's production. The report from the Wall Street Journal media reported it a few hours ago. All this does not mean that Apple does not support OLED panels, but it does clearly indicate that until they can meet the demand they will choose to use Full Active screens from Japan Display.

We cannot rule out that the Cupertino company continues to bet on OLED screens in the coming years – in fact it is what it will surely end up doing – but it is obvious that everything depends on supply and demand and if Apple does not get these panels to manufacture the iPhoen en masse has to find solutions. This news shows that Apple is paving the way for the next year As for the panels of their iPhone and from what we see it seems that they will not be the OLED.

According to the data handled by the TWSJ media, the Japanese company would have 70% of the screen manufacturing business and is responsible for supplying its panels for the most powerful and current Xiaomi devices, such as the Mi Mix 2. In short it is soon to talk about what Apple can do about the screens of its next iPhone, although Everything seems to indicate that OLED screens will be fully implemented starting in 2019. We will see what happens.

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