Jawbone CEO denies rumors that claim to stop selling quantifiers

Last week we informed you of the rumors that claimed that the company Jawbone had planned to stop selling both its bluetooth headphones and quantifying wristbands, since he had not been able to adapt to the arrival on the market of new competitors such as Fitbit and Xiaomi.

According to that rumor Jawbone would stop selling the UP2, UP3 and UP4 models, quantifiers that the company currently has for sale. However, although with a little delay, the company's CEO, Hosain Rahman has just published on the company's blog, which those rumors are completely false.

In the post Rahman has published on the company's blog, he states that they are completely involved in the construction of new wearables and other great products. Rahman says that the company has not contacted any media outlet and that it has not informed about the company's future plans.

To be clear, Jawbone remains fully committed to innovation in the construction of large wearable products. We have never been more excited about our future projects and we really want to share it with the world when it is ready.

Despite not being among the manufacturers of quantifying wristbands that are selling the most, Jawbone CEO says that UP2, UP3 and UP4 models will remain available for sale, Bracelets that are still very popular among users. In the same article, we could not read anything related to the possible medical devices that were published along with the previous rumor.

Jawbone Quantifiers they were removed from the online and physical Apple Store last year, shortly after the launch of the Apple Watch. However, shortly after they were available again in the company's stores, which led to an increase in sales. The strange movement that Apple made when removing the Jawbone bracelets made no sense anywhere, since these bracelets cannot be considered a competition with the Apple Watch, since many of the latter's functions are not available on both models.

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